News from 17-10-2017
ERDF 2014-2020: SMEs as well as large companies to reach EUR 73 Mio through ENERGY SAVINGS loan programme launched in September 2017 in the Czech Republic

CMZRB and the Czech Ministry of Industry and trade signed an agreement enabling the launch of a new preferential loan programme within the framework of the OP Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness called “ENERGY SAVINGS – LOANS”. It is a first example of support including not only SMEs, but also a large companies. Basic aim is the improvement of energy efficiency in business sector.

Forms of support include interest-free loans, interest rate subsidies of commercial loans (compulsory part of project financing) as well as financial contribution for the elaboration of energy assessment report. Basic parameters: CMZRB preferential, investment loan supporting up to 70 %  of eligible expenses (EUR 38,500-2,880,000) with the maturity up to 10 years.

“I am pleased that through this programme we can support tourism, processing industry, water management, construction, service and energy sectors”, said Jiří Jirásek, the CEO of CMZRB.

Source: CMZRB