News from 29-04-2014

New Finnvera  financing programme for SMEs seeking international growth


Under the Team Finland LetsGrow financing programme, companies can receive loans from Finnvera for investments and working capital, grants from Tekes for innovation services and advice from Finpro for international growth.

The programme is intended for growth-seeking SMEs with good financial standing and a turnover of between 5 and 50 million euros. The companies selected for the programme must have a business plan aimed at strong international growth, an innovative and competitive product or service and a competent and committed team ready to meet the growth targets.

The aim is to ensure that the SMEs with the most promising growth potential and internationalisation prospects can find financing for their growth plans. Team Finland encourages companies to improve their know-how, build their competitive edge, expand their market share and invest in growth-enhancing projects.

Team Finland actors are encouraged to show initiative and regenerative spirit in the development of the spearhead projects. Finnvera, Finpro and Tekes are doing this together, learning from each others' operating practices and focusing their efforts so that they can work for the benefit of their customer companies. The joint programme also acts as the pilot project for the development of Team Finland services. 

In accordance with the joint objectives of the actors in the Team Finland network, the Team Finland LetsGrow financing programme aims to provide a clear, flexible and customer-oriented one-stop model. Under the programme, companies can get services boosting their international growth that are tailored to their needs from Finnvera, Tekes and Finpro. The applications are processed jointly by the actors who also monitor and support the progress of the companies accepted to the scheme.

The programme will open for applications at the end of May.

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Source: Finnvera