News from 30-10-2014

NEFI members gathered in Spain to discuss new ways of cooperation with EU bodies


ICO has hosted in Madrid the biannual High Level Meeting of senior representatives of NEFI member institutions. 

The meeting served as a forum to discuss existing partnerships between NEFI members and EU institutions, and to explore new ways in which the current collaboration can be extended and reinforced. Participants at the meeting also included the Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Mr Román Escolano, the Chief Executive of the European Investment Fund (EIF), Mr Pier Luigi Gilibert, and the European Commission's Director for Finance, coordination with EIB group, EBRD and IFIs, Mr Burkhard Schmidt.

The Network comprises the leading national financial institutions of 16 EU Member States which share a public mission to facilitate the access to finance for SMEs by offering them financial services and expertise, acting complementarily to and in cooperation with their respective national banking systems. 

Ahead of the High Level Meeting, NEFI member institutions adopted a joint statement on the Key role of National Promotional Institutions in access to finance for SMEs.


ICO has been a member of NEFI since its creation in 1999 and is a state-owned bank attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competition through the Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support, and is treated as a State Finance Agency. As a State-owned bank, ICO grants loans to finance investment operations and liquidity at companies both within Spain and abroad, either via financial entities through second-floor loans or by direct financing programmes. Also, as a State Finance Agency, ICO manages the Spanish Government's official financing instruments intended to promote exports and aid development

Source: ICO