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Fund KredEx, Estonia

Fund KredEx, Estonia

general information

KredEx was founded in 2001 by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications with a purpose to improve financing possibilities of enterprises, manage credit risks connected with export, enable people to build or renovate their home and develop energy-efficient way of thinking. Through years, KredEx has become a considerable link between the Estonian financing institutions and loan applicants, exporters and foreign buyers.

KredEx offers financing services managing financial risks, and implements the development plan of Estonian housing area. The task of KredEx is to offer solutions based on the strengths of all interested parties, coordinating and supporting the relevant development activities to the possible extent, first of all through state guarantee, as well as knowledge and skills.

The vision of KredEx is to offer financing solutions based on the best practices of the world.

The main activities of KredEx can be divided in two sectors:

  • Business
  • Housing


1) Business loan guarantee - Business loan guarantees are meant for companies whose value of the collateral property or self-financing is not sufficient for getting a bank loan, bank guarantee or leasing or who do not have a long history of operation.

2) Startup loan - With the help of the KredEx guaranteed Start-up loan, it is possible to finance investments and working capital of starting businesses and those SMEs that have been active up to three years, enabling fast growth and development.

3) Startup Estonia - A governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the Estonian startup ecosystem in order for Estonia to become the birthplace of many more startup success stories to come. Building on the already existing ecosystem measures are taken to further improve the environment and to reach a magical 1000 startups by 2020.

4) Subordinated loan - Subordinated loan is meant for sustainable companies that are oriented on growth and that the banks are not ready to finance due to low rate of self-financing, risky sector or insufficient collaterals. Similarly to the owner, KredEx gives capital to the disposal of an entrepreneur, which in the eyes of other financers, due to subordination, increases the self-financing of the company. This in turn makes it possible to include additional financing, for instance in the form of a bank loan.

5) Technology loan - Technology loan is designed for export-oriented enterprises in the areas of processing industry, mining industry, production, transfer and distribution of electrical energy and waste processing and disposal, investing into machines and devices. Technology loan helps if a bank loan or leasing is used for an investment, but the entrepreneur lacks the required capital for self-financing.

6) Export loan - for companies wishing to finance large-scale export transactions of goods manufactured in Estonia. The export loan helps if a company wishes to offer a long payment term to a foreign buyer, pay a credit insurance premium or finance the production of goods to be sold to a foreign buyer.


1) Renovation loan for apartment buildings - The purpose of renovation loans is to support the reconstruction of apartment buildings constructed before 1993 and to improve their energy efficiency. Renovation loan can be applied for by apartment associations, building associations and communities of apartment owners in buildings with at least 3 apartments.

2) Housing loan guarantees - Housing loan guarantees are meant for young people and the tenants of restituted buildings who wish to purchase, construct or renovate a home and decrease the down payment amount.

3) Loan guarantee for apartment buildings - Loan guarantee for apartment buildings helps an apartment association, housing association or the apartment owners united into an association take a loan for the renovation of an apartment building.

4) Grant for reconstruction of apartment buildings – The purpose of grant for reconstruction of apartment buildings is supporting the reconstruction and renovation of apartment buildings for achieving indoor climate and energy efficiency and improving the energy-performance label grade as well as using renewable energy in the existing apartment buildings by supporting the investment made for the reconstruction.

5) Energy audit, building design and expert evaluation grant - The grant is suitable for apartment associations planning to begin the renovation of their building.


Mr. Kaarel Aus – Head of Enterprise Department

Hobujaama 4
10151 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 667 41 02
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