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general information

Finnvera plc is a specialised financing company, owned by the State of Finland, which supplements the financial services offered by the private sector. Finnvera provides financing for various stages in the life of an enterprise: for its start, growth and internationalisation, and for exports. Finnvera has official Export Credit Agency (ECA) status.

The Finnvera Group reinforces the capacity and competitiveness of Finnish enterprises by offering loans, domestic guarantees, export credit guarantees, as well as interest equalisation and funding for export credits.

Finnvera has 23,400 clients and employs 365 experts. Finnvera has a network of 15 locations throughout Finland.


By providing financing, Finnvera strives to promote:

  • the internationalisation and exports of enterprises;
  • the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in situations of change such as transfers of ownership;
  • and realisation of the government's regional policy goals.

Finnvera supplements the financial market and we are teamed up with private providers of financing and public actors to find the best financing solutions for customers in different situations. We understand the risks of business operations but pay close attention to opportunities as well. We are ready to take risks when the project's chances of success are in balance with the risks. We cannot provide financing for projects that are deemed unprofitable. 

Finnvera’s strategy is adjusted so that the company is increasingly able to respond to new challenges in corporate financing. The focus of operations is shifted more on speeding up the growth and internationalisation of companies and on improving the financing options available for start-up enterprises.

Finnvera fosters to speed up financing and promote the business opportunities of Finnish export companies irrespective of their size and has launched several new products aimed at financing small export transactions.

Finnvera is a member of Team Finland ( network that promotes internationalisation among Finnish enterprises.


Mr. Valtteri Vento – EU Finance Manager

P.O. Box 1010
FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 50 4434 184
Finnvera plc