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Bpifrance is a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and the French State. As a trusted partner for entrepreneurs it promotes competitiveness and provides growth services for companies on behalf of the French State, acting in support of public policy.

With 2 500 employees, ready to serve entrepreneurs, Bpifrance has three goals:

  • to support the growth of business
  • to prepare for future competitiveness
  • to create an ecosystem that is favourable to entrepreneurship

Bpifrance assists businesses of all sizes, primarily micro-businesses, SMEs and mid-caps, but also big firms that are considered strategic in terms of national economy, territories or employment.

Bpifrance offers a funding contiuum encompassing every stage of a company's development: From seed phase to transfer to stock exchange listing, Bpifrance supports entrepreneurs with loans, guarantees and equity.

 Acting in the French Regions, Bpifrance relies on a decentralised network of 43 regional offices, being in direct contact with the entrepreneurs and their partners. 90% of all decision making is thus located in the regional offices.

Major activities are:

  • Innovation funding
  • Guarantees for bank financing and venture capital
  • Investment and operational cycle financing of SMEs and midcap companies, alongside banking and financial institutions
  • Equity investment, directly or through partner funds, in SMEs, midcap and large companies
  • Business Support Services


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Ms Lola Merveille – Representative to the European Institutions

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