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KfW Bankengruppe, Germany


general information

As a bank committed to responsibility, KfW was created in 1948 to help financing the reconstruction of Germany after World War II. Today it supports people, countries and institutions who think ahead, and thus help drive our society towards a climate friendly, digital and resilient future. Our focus areas for promotion and financing include:

  • Promotion of SMEs and of start-ups;
  • Provision of equity capital;
  • Programmes for the energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings;
  • Support for measures aimed at protecting the environment;
  • Educational funding for private customers;
  • Financing programmes for municipalities and regional promotional banks;
  • Export and project finance;
  • Promotion of developing countries and emerging economies;
  • Financing and advice for companies in developing countries and emerging economies.

Domestic Promotion

We support private individuals, companies and public institutions that think ahead in their investment in the future.

Regular evaluations of the portfolio for climate change and the environment, innovation and education, among other things, show the concrete effects achieved with our support and financing services.

One strong focus is on our support to companies in the fields of

  • Founding and succession;
  • Business expansion and consolidation:
  • Energy and the environment;
  • Innovation;
  • Municipal or housing companies.

At the municipal level we promote investment in public and social infrastructure.

The aim of KfW Capital is to sustainably improve the supply of venture and growth capital for innovative technology companies in Germany.

Export and
Project Finance

Through KfW IPEX-Bank we finance projects of German and European companies in the global markets.

As a specialist bank, KfW IPEX-Bank has comprehensive sector and country expertise. Its financing operations serve to maintain and expand the competitiveness and internationalisation of German and European exporters.

Development Finance

We support economic and social progress in developing and emerging countries through KfW Development Bank and DEG.

KfW Development Bank finances development projects worldwide on behalf of the German government and the European Union to support partner countries in achieving their development and climate goals. DEG finances and advises German and local companies active in developing and emerging countries.


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