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general information

KfW is committed to improve the economic, social and ecological living conditions all around the world on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany and the federal states. The focal points of its work include

  • Promotion of SMEs and of start-ups
  • Provision of equity capital
  • Programmes for energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings
  • Support measures to protect the environment
  • Educational finance for retail customers
  • Financing programmes for municipalities and regional development banks
  • Export and project finance
  • Promotion of developing countries and emerging economies

Domestic Promotion

Promoting the German economy is the main focus of KfW's work. The financing of start-ups and SMEs is the area with the highest lending volume. With the help of KfW, small and medium-sized firms can consolidate their businesses and invest in growth. KfW also offers special programmes for promoting innovative technology companies, the use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency within companies.

KfW supports private customers making investments in their future, such as investing in the modernisation and the energy-efficient refurbishment of their homes, or in their education or further training. The third column of domestic promotion is investment in municipal and social infrastructure.

Export and Project Finance

The international project and export business of the KfW Group is administered by KfW IPEX Bank. KfW’s subsidiary provides medium and long-term financing for specific purposes: for promoting export commerce, for the development of economic and social infrastructure, for climate and environmental protection initiatives and for securing the supply of Germany with raw materials, for example.

Development Finance

Supporting the federal government, the KfW Development Bank business area finances development projects around the world. The top priorities are to improve people’s prospects for a better life, to protect the environment and to combat climate change. DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH) finances the establishment and expansion of private sector entities. This subsidiary of KfW advises and finances private companies investing in projects that are sustainable from both a commercial and developmental perspective. To do this, DEG provides long-term financing from its own funds.


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