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Hellenic Development Bank (HDB) is a Société Anonyme wholly owned by the Hellenic Republic. It operates as a special purpose promotional financial institution. Its mission is to become the trusted partner of Greek entrepreneurs, facilitate access to sources of finance for Greek enterprises of all sizes and maturity level by providing financial and non-financial tools for reducing the financial gap and coping with market failures.


Mission and objectives 

The Hellenic Development Bank aims to promote the fair, sustainable and holistic development of the economy at regional and national level. The main mission of the organization is to support micro, small and medium enterprises by facilitating their access to funding sources to address and cover any market failures.

  • Promoting innovation
  • Enhancing competitivness
  • Promotion of quality and strategic project



HDB is a link in the financial cycle of financing between the SME and the bank, assuming that part of the business risk of the SME that the bank does not assume. This complementary role establishes it as a reference institution for the development of small and medium entrepreneurship. HDB implements differents financial instruments

  • Loans
  • Guarantees
  • Other programs


Sofia Chrysovelidi - Head of Unit, Strategy & Cooperations

80 Michalakopoulou st.
11528 Athens, Greece
E-mail: s.chrysovelidi@hdb.gr

Evangelos Karayannacos - Strategy Director

80 Michalakopoulou st
11528 Athens, Greece
E-mail: e.karayannacos@hdb.gr