Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Poland

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK)

general information

BGK is the state development bank of Poland, owned to 100% by the State. BGK was established in 1924 and reactivated in 1989 during the political transformation process. BGK’s mission is to support the social and economic growth of Poland and to provide services to the public finance sector.

BGK has very strong foundations and solid financial results. It is supervised by the Ministry of Economic Development and overseen by the National Financial Supervision Authority. BGK enjoys a high rating of A- (Fitch), equal to the state.

BGK supports investments especially with long-term tenors by offering various financial products to both, the private and the public sector.

support for SMEs

BGK supports the SME sector mainly in the form of guarantees and loans. In 2013 BGK launched a governmental large-scale guarantee programme in the framework of which it grants to commercial banks portfolio guarantees for SME loans. Until mid-2017 BGK supported more than 127 thousand SMEs with the guarantees amounting to 40 bn PLN (ca. 9,4 bn EUR).

BGK also co-operates with the European Investment Bank Group in supporting SMEs by providing portfolio guarantees to commercial banks counter-guaranteed by the guarantee of the European Investment Fund under COSME. This co-operation constitutes part of the activities of the European Fund for Strategic Investment.

Co-operation with the EIB group embraces also granting loans to SMEs, mid-caps and municipal companies which are refinanced from the EIB’s global loans. Moreover, BGK is responsible for the implementation of the governmental Export Support Programme, supporting export of Polish SMEs and larger enterprises. BGK manages also a governmental programme for start-ups “Support in start”. Its aim is to deliver financing to unemployed and graduates to help them start their first company or create new jobs.

EU-funded financial instruments

In a 2014-2020 financial perspective BGK is a holding fund manager in 15 Polish regions. It provides financial supports to SMEs (including self-employment of unemployed persons), urban development, energy efficiency and renewable energy source projects in the forms of loans, guarantees and capital investments within the framework of regional operational programmes. BGK also supports innovative SMEs with grants for partial repayment of the loan within the technology credit programme and with guarantees of commercial loans. BGK manages programmes with ESIF funds targeted at supporting social economy entities and development of broadband internet. Also activity of BGK’s subsidiary – National Capital Fund, a VC fund of funds supporting innovative SMEs, is partly financed from EU structural funds.


Another focus of BGK’s activity is the provision of financing to infrastructure projects by implementing various strategic governmental initiatives and managing dedicated infrastructure funds, such as the National Road Fund or the National Railway Fund. Since 2012 BGK has been playing a key role in financing infrastructure projects crucial from the point of view of the national economy. Other areas of BGK’s activity embrace financing of municipalities and municipal companies, as well as social housing. In addition to that, BGK plays a key role in the ongoing process of public finances’ consolidation aimed at limiting ineffectiveness in the functioning of the public sector.


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Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego