SID Bank, Slovenia

SID Bank, Slovenia


SID - Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka, d.d., Ljubljana (Slovene Export and Development Bank Inc. or SID Bank) operates as a promotional, development and export bank and as a national export credit agency which performs insurance against non-marketable risks.

The mission and activities of SID Bank focus on meeting the broader social objectives defined by all three components of sustainable development in Slovenia: economic growth, social security and environmental concerns. The foundation of SID Bank’s activities consists of long-term development policy in Slovenia and the EU, where priority areas are defined through societal consensus.

Besides SID Bank, the group includes the Centre for International Cooperation and Development, which assists Slovenian companies in identifying and developing entry strategies for the most promising foreign markets. In addition, the Centre provides information to foreign entities interested in entering the Slovenian market.


SID Bank complements financial markets by providing products and services which address financing gaps. It acts as one of the main channels for distributing national and EU funds in the form of financial instruments, either directly or indirectly, through financial intermediaries. The financial instruments, which include debt and equity financing, guarantees and insurance, focus primarily on companies in all stages of business development.

SID bank also provides financing to the public sector, municipalities, cooperatives and institutions. The Bank strives to play a leading role in the transition toward a sustainable society by promoting a circular economy, climate mitigation, low carbon mobility and social equality investments.

The primary focus areas of SID Bank through direct and indirect channels are:

  • SMEs,
  • development, research, technology;
  • environmental and power supply projects;
  • digitalization;
  • infrastructure;
  • specific sectors (e.g. tourism, transport, wood processing);
  • communities and regions;
  • education and employment;
  • exporters and other international business cooperation (pre/post-shipment export finance, suppliers’/buyers’ credits, credit lines);
  • Export credit and investment insurance: ST/MLT cover (commercial and non-commercial – non-marketable risks).


Ms Natalija Stošicki – Director of Product Development and EU Programmes Department

Josipine Turnograjske 6
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 2007 486