Almi, Sweden


general information

The Almi Group was founded in 1994 and is owned by the Swedish government and regional authorities. Almi operates all over Sweden through 40 locations around the country. Almi has a complementary role on the Swedish market. The Almi operation aims to help develop and finance small and medium-sized businesses thus promoting sustainable growth. Almi has customers in all commercial phases, from ideas to successful companies. This includes ideas with potential for growth in the early stages as well as existing companies that are investing in growth and expansion. The basic concept is that customers are offered the best possible service and expertise based on their needs.

Almi is organised into two business areas:

  • Business development
  • Venture capital

Business Development

Almi complements the market by providing business development mainly through credits and advisory services in high-risk phases and businesses. Almi charges interest rate according to risk. Credits are provided in collaboration with other credit providers and the banks are important partners.

Venture capital

Almi's role is to supplement the market and invest where the risk is high and the availability of private capital is scarce. Almi Invest invests in companies with scalable business concepts and prospects for long-term capital growth. The companies must have the ability to compete nationally and internationally and there must be a clear customer need. Management should consist of dedicated entrepreneurs or a team with the ability to build a successful company.


Ms. Eva Sjöberg

Box 70394
10724 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 070-388 06 04